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Album: New Snow

New SnowIn this album, Paul Kwo with his improv techniques, has taken all the traditional melodies that we are familiar with and rebuilt them from the ground up. He brings to the holidays that we are all too familiar with a new and refreshing sonic experience. It is one that we can relate to, but we are not sick of. It is surely an album that will bring you many hours of joy in the holiday season and even year round.

Paul Kwo also brings to this album 3 original tracks including the title track New Snow. It brings a new purity to this wonderful season of blessings and amazements. It is like a child tasting the new snow of the season fresh again. With hope, with grace and with love, Paul Kwo shares his holiday spirit of love, peace and happiness with his originals and reinterpretations of the classics.

Best known for his beautiful and enchanting piano music, Paul Kwo actively engages in the practice of freestyle improv that reflects his diverse worldwide musical influences. His solo piano improvs take inspiration from all walks of life and transform them into evocative sonic imagery.

Paul Kwo's music and performances has been reveled by both his peers and audiences as "Innovative", "Exciting", and "Inspiring". His music has reached the hearts of listeners across the globe, bringing them a unique sonic experience that is simply Kwo.

Producer: Paul Kwo
Audio Engineer: Brian Thomas Donnelly

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