"Our creations are our connections to our creator. I create to better know that which created me." - Paul Kwo

Aritst Vision

Life is an experience, where for me is about the free expression of my subconscious. Our minds are far more complex then our abilities to understand it's workings. Art serves as a portal into this fantastical realm of human activities. My musical output is one of the most important aspect of the expression of my own subconscious.

The journey of musical creation all starts with a sound. I treat music as soundscapes, not a composition of notes. All my music, whether notated or improvised, is about the expression of an idea, a thought. It is about the truth of my mind, as I heard the sound inside my head. It is a reaction of the reality that I reside and my attempt to make sense of it.

I reside a tremendous amount of my time in the world of improvised music, one that strives to be as free as the illusion of freedom allows for. Improvised music is of the raw and on the reality of the moment. It is in the immediate. It is about the surfacing of the truth buried in my deep within my subconscious. It is about the interaction between that of my intuition and my cognition. For me the world of improvised music is just as valued and offers just as much intrigue as the world of notated music. Ideas when given a chance to explore organically and uninhibited, is when the greatest rewards often served.

Music is not an isolated phenomenon, unattached and unassociated with existence and individual lives. It is rather a direct reflection of our own senses that defines us as individuals and as a society. My music is a direct reflection of my thoughts of the immediate and of my collective experiences.