Biography: Brian Thomas Donnelly

Brian T. Donnelly’s interest in electronics and audio began at a young age. By age 13, he had a third class commercial FCC radio-telephone license and was working as an assistant engineer and DJ at several local radio stations in Springfield, IL. He passed the FCC examination for a first class commercial radio-telephone license at age 16, one of the youngest so to do. Growing tired of repairing electronics and fiddling with transmitters, he moved behind the board and began mixing at local bars and venues for bands and live theatre. In 1984 he was appointed technical director for grandstand productions at the Illinois State Fair. There he worked with some of the largest touring groups in the nation, even working and studying with legendary Tommy Dowd. The grandstand required live sound reinforcement to 30,000 outdoors and often more that 24 channels mixed live. Brian retired from audio engineering in 1986, moving to computer science and university, returning only occasionally for friends.

Thank You Brian

Brian has been instrumental in the mastering of many of Paul Kwo's albums. To date, he has made perfect the sounds of Paul Kwo's "Ocean of Thoughts," "Blue," "Red," "From The Krystal Epic Library Collection," "New Snow" and "Daily Music Inspirationals." Thank you Brian for all your support and hard work!