About Paul Kwo

Welcometo the world of Paul Kwo's Music. The musical language of Paul Kwo is diverse and encapsulates the various sonic worlds he has experienced throughout life. Within the music of Paul Kwo, sounds from both the East and West are fused together. They reflect the true nature of his musical conception and the sounds running through his mind.

In Paul Kwo's written music, meticulous details are fused together with raw and primal instincts. His music is one that is both learned as well as uninhibited. His written music although precise, is often full of primal energy that requires players to leave behind the techniques and submerge within the sonic imageries the music creates.

Paul Kwo's improv music reverses the nature of music where primal instincts and raw energy are fused with details and techniques. The control Paul Kwo exerts guides these uninhibited ideas into sensible and comprehensible works.

As a highly prolific musician, Paul Kwo has recorded many of his music available to the public via various mediums. Many of the samples can be heard here on the website and some are available for purchase. Simply explore the website to discover hidden gems. Paul Kwo also is an actor in Hollywood, having been on prime time television as well as worked on major blockbuster films. He has also performed in many commercials for major US and international companies. Visit paulkwo.com to discover Paul Kwo's acting.