Discover one of Paul Kwo's best and most popular album.

With 16 tracks of original solo piano improv music, Blue will take you out of the blues and into dreamland.

Blue - Starlight

Discover Blue

From The Krystal Epic Library Collection

Journey through the original world of Krystal Epic.

This unique album tells stories from the Paul Kwo's fictional world of Krystal Epic. Indulge yourself in a fantastical journey through an amazing sonic world.

From The Krystal Epic Library Collection - Konzova! Konzova!

Journey Through Krystal Epic

Ocean of Thougths

Swim in the sonic imageries set to individual photographs.

Join Paul Kwo on a soul touching musical journey up and down the central California Coast.

Ocean Of Thoughts - Fine

Swim in the Ocean Of Thoughts

New Snow

Enjoy classic holiday music in a new and invigorating manner

Paul Kwo brings new life to many all time favorite holiday classics for the snowy season.

New Snow - New Medley

Taste the New Snow


An progressive sonic experience.

Discover the progressive side of Paul Kwo's piano improv. The Red album is the aggressive counterpart of the Blue album.

Red - Outside

Hear the color Red


Experience Paul Kwo's first piano improv ablum.

Hear the reborn sounds of Paul Kwo's original music. Performed to a live audience to the virtual sculptures of Gwen Carillon.

Rebirth [Live] - My Wings

Experience Rebirth

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Paul Kwo fuses various genres of music to create his unique freestyle improvs. Elements of classical, jazz, pop and world are mixed and reemerged in his works. Paul's music comes straight from his heart and soul, creating stunning sonorities that captures the imagination of his audience.

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